My Personal Development Journey

Some three years ago I was struggling with my personal life as well as my business life. Things were not going well and I knew something had to change.

I was introduced to a small book “Success in Ten Steps” written by Michael Dlouhy which examined the business side of my problem and convinced me that the MLM Company with which I am associated is the right one for me and is a well established and reputable company which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has been for a number of years.

Dealing with my Personal Life was another matter and for this I joined “Mentoring for Free”, here my thinking patterns have changed and now I have change from a mind set of “its not what you think to Its how you think”. It has taught me that anything the brain can think about can be achieved by following the Laws of Nature and simple 13 well defined steps.

These steps are clearly explained in a book written by Napoleon Hill after a 25 year study of more than 500 Entrepreneurs in the United Sates under the guidance of Andrew Carnegie. No one step can be ignored and each step must be carefully followed and the procedure adhered too. The Book is “Think and Grow Rich”

I am now completing my fourth reading of “Think and Grow Rich”, have learnt many things about myself image, relationships with other people and the characteristics of my personality via the Personality Colours.

To receive your free copy of click here

To join mentoring for free go to

As my journey continues and I continue to read the book again I will post my Lesson Plans, also I will select additional Lesson Plans from members of the group on the Weekly Chapter and post them. It is hoped that the reading of the Posts will encourage those who are struggling, in their lives or businesses, to take action and change their lives. There is a quote from the great Jim Rohn, “To achieve more you must be come more”.


1 thought on “My Personal Development Journey

  1. bend77a

    A excellent post Mervyn, another good quote is Michael Dlouhy’s “For you to have more you have to become more”. Meaning you have to grow as a person.


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