Think & Grow Rich – Chapter 3 – FAITH: VISUALIZATION OF, AND BELIEF IN ATTAINMENT OF DESIRE – The Second Step toward Riches

If we substitute the  word ‘Belief” for the word “Faith” then we all have a faith, whether it is power, money or a higher power that guides out lives. What guides yours?



The Second Step toward Riches

What is faith? Belief could be substituted for “faith”. We believe in many things, god, what a particular person tells us, in the love of the opposite sex, etc..  Therefore faith can be something seen or unseen. The ‘Seen’ is easier to have faith in, Jesus, whilst God has never been seen but many have faith in him and the teachings of his visible son.

Hill tells us that faith is the second step in transforming an idea, desire or dream into riches.  Barn’s burning desire was to become an associate of Edison. Originally he had no comprehension of how this would be achieved, but had faith and acted accordingly.

Faith can be productive or destructive, positive or negative depending on the outside influences, i.e. environment and people. It is important to realize that it is one of the three main driving forces, the others being love and sex, in the transmuting of any desire into riches.

As I continue to read and study Think and Grow Rich, I realize that my life has been made up of excuses and lies but because of their repetition they have become embedded in my subconscious mind to my detriment. They have built in me fears of failure along with a fear of success.  It is only now I realize the need to clear these out by self analysis and the use of large volumes of self talk.

Hill cites the Criminal, who is not born that way but associating with criminals and trusting them to know what is best in life, adopts their ways and the consequences.  It has been demonstrated in a number of programs, in a number of countries, that by changing the environment of these people and particularly their associates in the early stages, their whole life can be changed.

Our faith in what we achieve is based on our passionate desire, our self esteem, a never give up attitude, the faith in environment for positive support and a belief in a Higher Power (God) as our overall guiding light.

All great inventors, adventurers and entrepreneurs have great faith in that they will achieve, a never quit attitude and in many case powerful women to support them. A child learning to crawl or walk fails many times but does he give up, no, he tries again may be using another method.  I have watched my latest grandson learning to crawl; once he accomplished this he is now moving on to the walking stage.  Again try and try again there is no failure in his mind only faith that he will achieve the ultimate goal of walking.

To Michael and Linda thank you for your faith in the whole of the Mental Cleanse Group. To Ben and Shelly for your past and on going support and to the whole of the 30 Day Mental Cleanse Group for your insights through the Lesson Plans that are prepared with love and care each week.

Blessings to you all.

Mervyn Drury

Canberra, ACT, Australia.

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