Think & Grow Rich – Chapter 4 – AUTO-SUGGESTION – THE MEDIUM FOR INFLUENCING THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – The Third Step toward Riches

Do you use Auto-Suggestion to program negativity out of your life and substitute positve thoughts? Auto- Suggestion has been used for many centuries to program or reprogram people’s lives. It has been used for good and bad. Could you use the principle in your life to change a habit you wish to give up. My thoughts are contained below having read and re-read this chapter a number of times.




The Third Step toward Riches

A few years ago I was looking at CD’s which proclaimed that they could change your mind. I purchased some of these and now reading this chapter I realize that they were based on auto suggestion. They were backed by very soothing music with phrases repeated a number of times at a rate applicable to the music.

This was commercialized auto-suggestion. I find that the Auto-suggestion concept taught here at Mentoring for Free much more applicable to our reprogramming of our minds from negative attitudes which have existed since childhood until the present when we are changing the programming of our Subconscious Mind to thinking positive thoughts to promote riches.

The programming starts with the six steps in chapter two. Each step is designed to construct the final auto-suggestion which is read with emotion as step six, twice a day, once before retiring at night and also first thing on arising in the morning.

It is further suggested that written copies should be strategically placed so that they are viewed whenever possible during the waking hours. It is most important during the formulation of the written auto-suggestion that specific amounts of money are stated and also the dates when these will be required. Hill states that the Subconscious Mind does not respond to statements like “I want lots of money”.

Our self talk is the result of the six steps set out in Chapter 2 and enhances the reading aloud twice per day of our statement containing the amount of money we require, the dates when it is required and what we will give back in return for the money. Self Talk requires a minimum of 300 repetitions per day, however I aim for 500 or more.

Thank you Michael and Linda for teaching us “How to think and not what to think” and guiding our learning to develop relationships with people rather than trying to sell them something.

Mervyn Drury

Canberra, ACT, Australia


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